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Crains Run Ranch - Home of the Buckeye Reds
History of Crains Run Ranch....

We purchased a small suburban home on 8 acres in January 2000 and in no time we had built a small barn, installed fencing and had a few goats and horses!  Chickens seemed like a natural fit so we picked up a few "not so rare" RED's and Sex-link Layers from the local feed mill that spring.  It didn't take long for Mr. Lay (that's me) to take interest in Buckeyes and soon he got some chicks to build his flock from. 

By spring of 2002, Mr. Lay began raising and breeding "Buckeye Reds", their original name prior to being accepted into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1904 (they didn't appear until the 1905 edition of the SoP).  This relatively rare American breed was well suited for "Free Ranging" the pastures at Crains Run Ranch year around. Some believe the Buckeye name was given due to their deep, rich, DARK MAHOGANY color, similar to the Buckeye nut...the originator, Nettie Metcalf, stated she named them after her beloved Buckeye State!

Our "strain", now known as "Lay" (or "Layers" because they are excellent egg producers) was developed from Brown (OH), Rhodes (MA), Pierce (RI) and Urch (MN) Buckeyes!   Mr. Brown is considered the "God-Father" of the Buckeye Chicken in our region of SW Ohio and may be the longest standing Buckeye breeder in the state of Ohio.

Other Buckeye strains that are gaining in popularity are the ALBC "strain" which were developed from Urch, Pearce, Brown and Rhodes Buckeyes beginning in 2006.  Mr. Urch may have the oldest line of Buckeyes in the USA, his breeding stock goes back to 1958 and came from Howard Tallman of Florida, now deceased. 
Located in Southwestern Ohio, 40 miles north of Cincinnati, Crains Run Ranch (CRR) is a family owned operation dedicated to preserving a rare American breed known today as "Buckeyes". Our facility is on the border of Warren & Montgomery Counties with easy access from either I-75 or I-675. 

(Buckeye Rooster)

(Buckeye Hen)

This breed originated here in Ohio in the late 1890's and is the only American Poultry breed developed by a woman!  Our flock of Buckeye's are maintained as both breeders and egg layers, we follow all NPIP, Federal and State regulations regarding proper maintenance of our flock.  We sell chicks, hatching eggs and sometimes have a few trio's for sale each summer or late fall. Contact us with questions!

(Buckeye Chicks @ 2 weeks)

Please visit "The American Buckeye Club" website, too! 

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