Buckeye Reds

This site has a GREAT "coop cam" focused on the Buckeyes and Golden Comets.  If you have always wanted to see Buckeyes doing what they do best go to this link and click on the Buckeye picture to the right of the page! Keep in mind the coops are "dark" after sundown so you won't see much if you go there in the evenings.


This site has the most complete BUCKEYE BREEDERS DIRECTORY on the internet.....so if you are looking for other breeders with hatching eggs or day old chicks you can find a BUCKEYE BREEDER here.  MEMBERSHIP is always FREE, too!!! 



This the original site of the American Buckeye Club home page.


The American Poultry Association is a GREAT resource for learning more about poultry exhibition.


This site belongs to a very good friend who breeds, shows and raises some of the finest Buckeyes in the USA! Shumaker Farm Buckeyes have won more Championships, trophies and blue ribbons than ANY other Buckeyes in modern times.  Check out their website to learn more...


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