Buckeye Reds
Got Goats???
Over the years Crains Run Ranch has gone from a rather large Myotonic Goat operation with over 40 breeder quality "Fainters" to ZERO "Fainters" as of November 2012.  Back in 2008, demand for the goats here in southwest Ohio began to decline so we downsized our herd to just a handfull of quality breeders.  We decided that 2012 would be our LAST year for breeding and raising these goats and sold the remainder of our herd to focus on our Buckeye Chicken program.

There are many GREAT Tennessee Fainting Goat breeders at the Myotonic Goat Registry.....many of those in Ohio got started from goats purchased from Crains Run Ranch!  If you are looking for goats we suggest you begin your search there or contact our good friends in Farmland, Indiana - James and Erlene Bickel they too can be found at the MGR website.


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