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Crains Run Ranch is no longer SELLING Buckeye fowl or eggs for 2015!

We begin shipping Hatching Eggs in late February (weather permitting) and Chicks in mid March thru June 21st each year.  January is typically the BEST time to start placing orders because we SELL OUT of CHICKS very QUICKLY! We recommend using PayPal whenever possible and have provided links below to order using that payment method.  We accept personal checks and money order payments, too if you want to pay this way please email us for details. Finally, in addition to selling from this site, we also sell on eBay and Craigs List from time to time. 


NOT taking ANY orders for BUCKEYE Chicks or Hatching Eggs for the 2016 Season


2016 Sales Information


ALL Prices Include Shipping 

12 Buckeye chicks $XXX.00

12 Buckeye Hatching Eggs $XX.00

"NEW" 12 Black Sex-Link Pullets (Buckeye x Barred Rock cross) chicks $XX.00 

"NEW" 12 BuckHorn Layers (Buckeye x Leghorn cross) chicks $XX.00

"NEW" 12 Buckeye RED Broilers (Buckeye x Dark Cornish cross) chicks $XX.00

1 Adult Breeding Trio (one Buckeye rooster, two hens) $XXX.00 and up (call or email)
1 Breeding Pair (one Buckeye rooster, one hen) $XXX.00 and up (call or email)

Occasionally, we offer individual Buckeye cockerels/pullets $XX.00 to $XX.00
(PLEASE email for availability and shipping cost for these)

Sorry we ONLY ship to the lower 48 states (not to Alaska or Hawaii) and NO Buckeyes will be shipped until PAYMENT has cleared!

Purchase Price for Adult Fowl DOES NOT Include SHIPPING cost....PLEASE Call or Email for quote!

2016 Buckeye Chicks and Hatching Eggs SALES are suspended until further notice. We will resume limited sales of ADULT fowl in 2017
            email: jlay3@woh.rr.com to pay by check or M.O.

                                  Use PayPal to SPEED your ORDER and get your Buckeyes quicker!!!
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