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Other Critters @ Crains Run Ranch
In addition to our Buckeye Chickens we have several other critters that call Crains Run Ranch home!  In 2007, we purchased a Livestock Guardian Dog, named Bandit.  He is a Great Pyrenees and the jury is still out regarding his "greatness" or ability to "guard" our Goats & Chickens....but he does a good job protecting our ducks!  In 2011, we had to find a new home for "Bandit" and he is currently living the high life with two female GP's a few miles away.

Our oldest dog, Casper, passed away at the ripe old age of 15 in September 2010 from a congestive heart problem, old age or a broken heart we just don't know for certain.  He was a Jack Russell "Terrorist" and disliked both squirrels and rabbits, didn't care much for cats either!  In the summer of 2006, he learned he could swim and frequently took a dip in our pond....he used to love eating the floating duck food at feeding time, too. He was preceeded in death by his favorite "Grandpa" just a few days prior to his own passing and we're certain they both are waiting for us in HEAVEN.

CRR is also home to "Mr. Peaches" a Paint/Quarter Horse who spends most of his time at the "Stables on Gillen Lane".  Mister "P", as he is often called, was very competitive at local hunter/jumper shows and has many blue ribbons to his credit! His owner, our daughter, is a very accomplished rider herself and is training Mister "P".

In 2007 we added an extremely rare breed of American Gamefowl called the Delaware Blue.  Also known as the "Delaware Blue Hen" or "Fighting Blue Hen", these birds are the University of Delaware's mascot and the Delaware state bird!  They were carried by revolutionary war soldiers during America's fight for independence from the King of England and served as entertainment for the troops.  We have the largest flock of Delaware Blues (DB's) outside of the DelMarVa region and very few pure DB's still exist today.  They are raised stricktly for the sake of preservation and are NOT used for illegal activities!

CRR picked up a breeding pair of Black East Indies ducks in the fall of 2012 and hope to raise a small flock from this pair in 2013.  Other projects include Dark Cornish/Buckeye cross meat birds that are raised for their faster and greater meat production.  The demand for these 50/50 and 75/25 crosses has been increasing since the word has gotten out!

Click on the photo to see a slide show of our "other critters" at Crains Run Ranch!
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